Craig Timms' Expertise

Broad experience in all brain, spinal and nerve entrapment. Craig Timms specialises in spinal fusions, spinal decompressions and microdiscectomies.  


What makes someone an expert?

Well, it’s definitely more than completing the many years of hands-on and theoretical training which is part of the Neurosurgical Training program in Australia, a program which is recognised and respected world-wide. Expertise comes with time. Mr Craig Timms has been operating for over fifteen years since completing his official training in Neurosurgery. Over this time, he has gained well over 7,000 hours of operating experience in his private practice alone, in addition to many hours operating at Monash Health. 

So if you need surgery, you can relax in the knowledge that you are in expert hands.

Experience & technology

Technology adds another layer of accuracy to the already precise discipline of neurosurgery.

Craig has access to and utilises the latest imaging and surgical technology and equipment available, allowing him to provide leading-edge treatments to patients. While technological advances continue at a rapid pace, beneath it all Craig still knows how to do things ‘the old-fashioned way’, as he trained before this technology was developed. Automation and technology allow amazing things to happen, but it is still reassuring to know that an experienced Neurosurgeon is in charge, ensuring that everything is running as it should. 

With Craig Timms as your neurosurgeon, there is peace of mind in knowing that he is a stand-alone expert, with or without the technology.


  • All brain tumours

  • All spinal tumours

  • Vascular neurosurgery including aneurysm, AVM and cavernoma

  • All spinal surgery, instrumented and non-instrumented

  • All nerve release surgeries




Our surgery Fees

$500 out of pocket fee

for all surgery

Our consultation Fees

$320 full fee

for initial consultation

$220 full fee

for review appointment

Please note, we charge all patients on the day of consultation and do not invoice WorkCover directly for appointments.